Spinning up a new Cubby

Spin spin spin

TL;DR Watch one of our Getting Started Videos and follow along!

At https://cubbies.dev, you can easily spin up a new cubby as an admin by using the "add cubby" button. 

  1. Name- your cubby's name. If you plan to share your cubby, this will be public.
  2. Slug- the URL that your cubby will use. This will also be public, and is not editable once the cubby is spun up. 
  3. Instance type- this is your cubby's size. We recommend a medium sized cubby to start- you can always size up without losing any work.
  4. Create from- spin up a copy of another cubby, or start with a template.
  5. Authorize Devs- add other devs to your cubby if you plan to co-work. If it's just you, you can leave this blank. 
  6. Click "Spin it up", and you're done. 

Your cubby is editable from your Dashboard and Cubbies panels. If you run into any trouble, please check out the resources over in troubleshooting. If you don't find your answer there, we are happy to help through our contact form. 

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