Selecting a Tier (Pricing FAQ)

Need help selecting a tier for your cubby? First timer or not, this guide should help. If you need a little more information, check out our pricing page here.

How does Devcubbies pricing work?

  • The first time you spin up a Cubby, that will become your monthly bill date and we’ll charge you the subscription cost of that particular cubby (based on tier and cubby size).
  • Any additional cubbies you spin up after your first, we'll prorate a charge to your card on file to get you to the next billing cycle. 
  • See exactly how much your cubby will cost before you spin it up- it’s on the right side of your screen.
  • Once a month, we will charge for any cubbies that weren’t spun up during that billing cycle plus any overage fees (see below).

What do I get with my Devcubbies tier/plan?

What if I go over hours?

  • The 200hr/month included monthly runtime covers more than 40hrs/week of active runtime. That's either five 10 hour days a week or roughly seven 7 hour days a week.
  • Working hard this month? We’ve been there. If you use more than 200 hours, we charge just a few cents per hour of overage, depending on the size of your cubby to cover our costs.
  • Overage costs are based on the size of your cubby:
Cubby Size Overage Fee (per hour)
Small $ 0.03
Medium $ 0.05
Large $ 0.10
XLarge $ 0.20
2XLarge $ 0.40

How does my cubby know when to turn off?

  • When you close or lose your connection for 15 minutes (click your tab closed, let your computer sleep, or encounter a sudden power outage that borks your connection), your cubby turns itself off.

What if I want to shut down or terminate a cubby permanently?

  • You can "spin down" a cubby whenever you’d like- you’ll still have access until the last day of your monthly billing period.
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