My Cubby says it's Lame

When a cubby is in the "lame" state, it simply means it hasn't reported back to the Devcubbies master server in a while. 

  1. If you can connect to the cubby - run `sudo service devcubbies status` to make sure the Devcubbies service is running and healthy. If it isn't, you can either restart the service or simply restart your cubby.
  2. If you can't connect to the cubby - any number of things can disrupt the connection between you and your cubby. First, try restarting the cubby and if that doesn't address the issue see: I can't Connect to my Cubby.
  3. If none of these steps help, log in to your account at, click the Support link in the footer, and fill out a support ticket so we can assist.
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